Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dundee's retail retreats!

I'd like to share a few hidden delights in Dundee with you...I call them my retail retreats! after visiting RARA and also Lovely Things in Dundee which sell unusual, individual and special wares...situated away from the High Street (not too far!) they are individual and are sooo worth stepping fact, I don't know whether to be selfish and keep them to myself or to shout them from the rooftops! I felt i'd been on little holiday as i love individual shops...Thanks Dundee for restoring my faith...a little detour that was special.


Hotspot visit, myself and fellow students visited this great little shop in Exchange street Dundee, called RARA, selling all kinds of vintage wear and accessories. lovely atmosphere and you have to see it to appreciate it!!

My Creations

Thursday, 26 April 2012

yipee! i did it...

yeehah! i've actually managed to create my blog!! watch this space...